Levels of Consciousness

We've been mentioning LOC (Level of Consciousness) and you might be wondering what is this?


In many wisdom traditions different ‘levels of consciousness’ have been well documented. Furthermore there’s the understanding that there’s more to go even after spiritual awakening becomes abiding, that there are unfolding stages of enlightenment. E.g. from Stream-enterer to Arhat (via Once-returner and Non-returner) in Theravada Buddhism, and from Cosmic Consciousness to Unity Consciousness (via God Consciousness) in the Vedic Tradition is to name just a couple.



We both use LOC reading as a helpful tool to gauge where someone is in their spiritual unfoldment. This LOC model runs on a scale up to LOC1000, with initial non-dual enlightenment beginning at LOC600.

The River of Life: LOC 30 to LOC 499


LOC 30 to 99

The Jungle of Hungry Beasts (Toxic Apathy and Shame)


LOC 100 to 199

The Island of Lost Souls (Toxic Anger and Pride)


LOC 200 to 299

The Land of Selfish Heroes (Boldness and Generosity)


LOC 210 = Average Human Being on Our Planet


LOC 300 to 399

The Domain of Earnest Enthusiasts (Vulnerability and Allowing)


LOC 400 to 499

The Kingdom of Brilliant Thinkers (Intellect and Analysis)


From Spiritual Emergence to the Supreme Self: LOC 500 to LOC 1000


LOC 500 to 559

The Bonfires of Sacrifice (Spirituality Emerges)


LOC 560 to 569

Stepping into the Blaze (Spiritual Seeking Begins)


LOC 570 to 579

The Mystic on Fire (Spiritual Seeking Intensifies)


LOC 580 to 589

A Sage Is Waiting (Effortless Thought Free Meditation)


LOC 590 to 599

No Man's Land


First Spiritual Shock (Ego Death)


LOC 600 to 699

The Far Frontier (Pure Feeling of Being / No Self)


Second Spiritual Shock (Cosmic Expansion)


LOC 700 to 799

The Cosmic Vision (Feeling of Being the Universe / Cosmic Self)


Third Spiritual Shock (Ascent into Darkness / Great Void Passage)


LOC 800 to 899

The Unthinkable Surrender (Not Knowing / Divine Union)


Transfiguration (Amrita Nadi and the Consummation of the Crown Chakra / Radical Illumination)


LOC 900

The Hesitant Hermit (Stabilization in No Mind / Natural State)


Final Stage of Self-Inquiry (Starving the "I"-Thought to Death


LOC 1000

Lost in the Absolute (Universal "I" Consciousness / Supreme Self)


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