"Martyn and Imogen are one of the friendliest and most beautiful couples I have ever met! They are Self-realized beings (LOC1000) living the TRUTH. Connecting with them has been absolutely meaningful and fun, their warmth and loving presence instantly collapses the “distance” between us, making me open up and relax into BEING. Both Martyn and Imogen have worked with famous non-dual teachers before, so they are very good at providing guidance to spiritual seekers. Not only that, they approach non-duality in a very down-to-earth way, never filling your mind up with unnecessary non-dual knowledge. They make you clearly see that real awakening/freedom is not about holding onto the “spiritual-ego”, but to surrender all concepts and fully embrace every moment as a real human being.


They are Certified RASA™ Givers, offering powerful silent transmission that can wake you up TODAY if you're willing to give it a permission slip. I reached LOC1000 after receiving my first RASA from them. It was unbelievable, but I was certain that my seeking was ended for good. The Post-1000 RASAs I received from them also helped me immensely with the stabilization and smoothing the process of integration. I feel so lucky and grateful to have been blessed with such incredible friends like Martyn and Imogen. I recommend them and their RASA wholeheartedly!"


– Jason Z, FL USA –

"Meeting Imogen is such a bliss. Imogen is a being, an expression of Divine Mother in the most loving and clear ways, and an appearance of Sita, yet beyond all appearances. Imogen is a non-dual teacher, not a teacher of concepts but of direct experience and is-ness. She along with her amazing husband Martyn, offer a RASA transmission of divine light that will shift your consciousness to a higher degree and de-hypnotize you from forgetting who you really are, so it will take you into such an is-ness which both the thinker and the seeker both dissolve into the Self, the heart. I clearly feel like I received at least 10 times the value of the amount to pay for the session. This was very lovely and I feel lighter all over. I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about increasing their LOC to the highest possible level. If you believe in the power of transmissions, booking a RASA session with Imogen is the most powerful and important transmission you can get. You will never regret it."


– Ananda Swamy, Tunisia –

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